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Grey squirrels were introduced from America in the late 19th century. They are larger and more robust than the native red species and able to digest acorns (which the red squirrel can't), thus enabling them to take advantage of areas of woodland to greater advantage than the native variety.

While grey squirrels can cause considerable damage to trees with their habit of stripping the bark in the early summer. It is the damage they can do to your home that is of prime concern.

Squirrels breed twice a year, in late autumn/early spring and again in the summer, having between 1 and 5 young per litter. They build nests, called dreys, from twigs, moss and other soft materials, typically located high in trees. However if they are able to access your roof void or loft, they will often choose this as their nest site. Not only do they create noise scurrying about above your head, but they will tear up your loft insulation to create their nest. Being rodents, they need to gnaw to keep the length of their ever-growing teeth at bay. Therefore, they will chew wooden roof beams and stored items and sometimes even strip the insulation from electrical cables causing a major fire hazard.